Build your master schedule with Orchestra in just 3 days!

Day 0

Prerequisites (Getting Started)

To hit the ground running, we will need the relevant information listed here that will form the initial input into Orchestra. So, depending on your situation, you may need to prepare some of the following.

(where applicable, files should be in Excel or CSV format)

  • 1. Your bell schedule (if you have one from last year, that works great)
  • 2. List of teachers and their classes/courses they teach
  • 3. List of courses
  • 4. Section size - e.g. # of students per section
  • 5. List of students
  • 6. Students’ course requests

Once you've got these prepared, we can proceed to Day 1.

Day 1

Initial discussion

We will meet with you and your team to discuss your master schedule objectives and challenges in as much detail as possible. We also go over any constraints that you need to observe in your school. This can take anywhere between 25 minutes to an hour.

Initial discussion
Heavy lifting

Day 2

Orchestra Scheduling Day

We then go away and import your data into Orchestra and run our scheduler. We will iterate this process until an optimized draft master schedule is produced.

Heavy lifting

Day 3

Tweaks and finalization

We then meet on Day 3 to review our results with you. In an ideal world, everything checks out - yay! - but there is the possibility that we will encounter conflicts. This is when we get together again to discuss the conflict cases and resolve them together through Orchestra. We are confident that by the end of Day 3 with Orchestra, the school’s master schedule will be done!.