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Traditional, 4x4 block, A/B block, multiperiod flex block, Rotating block

Individual schools each have their own master schedule methodology. It is important that we offer different scheduling options to ensure that everyone can relate to and benefit from our master scheduler software. Since there is a broad spectrum of school configurations (in-person, hybrid, and online) we have developed a k12 master scheduler that allows all types of schools to manage their school schedule or college schedule for students and teachers.

We can accommodate your unique requirements. Learn more about traditional and the other types of school schedules below.

  • Traditional – Students attend 6 to 7 classes every day during the same time slot for the entire school year.
  • 4 x 4 block – Students attend the same 4 classes (longer periods) daily. They complete their first block of classes (i.e. English, Social Studies, Science, Elective) halfway through the school year. In the second half of the year they take 4 new classes (i.e. Math, World Language, Physical Education, Elective).
  • A/B Block – This does not use the block schedule by semester approach. Classes are rotated by days. Students alternate classes (every other day). They attend all classes for the entire school year.
  • Multi-period flex block and flex block allows you to schedule your unique situation (i.e. labs, advisory, tutorials, etc.)

Orchestra has you covered. Our software will allow you to create a master schedule based on your school's tailored requirements.

Complex Schedules

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