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Orchestra streamlines the journey of developing your school's master schedule with clear, structured steps, making the whole experience straightforward and stress-free. Save time, use Orchestra.
build schedule

Build any schedule from scratch to meet your needs.

automatic process

Lock in specific courses and automate the rest.

drag and drop

Use the drag and drop feature to edit your schedule.

You no longer need to spend hours making sure there are no clashes. Orchestra by QuickSchools offers you a timeless, and easy master scheduler software that fulfills your scheduling needs, including creating a bell scheduler.

Get on the Fast Track with Quick Setup

Effortless configurations

Orchestra leverages your previous master schedule data to quickly set up/configure your new one. Using these import screens, you can set up your new K12 master schedule with the right inputs from previous schedules and be on your way very quickly.

You can import teachers, courses as well as course request templates and make any changes relevant to the new online master schedule.

Integrated Online Course Requests

Dynamic and refined

Finalizing courses for the year is a dynamic process for any K-12 school and with Orchestra, you will be able to consider input from previous year's courses, faculty and also from the students directly as you firm up the courses for the new online master schedule. This iterative process is supported natively and you can always tweak and refine the courses as you gain better insights to what courses are more in demand.

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Build a Master Schedule Adhering to Your Rules.

Setup and automate

Use the Constraints section to define constraints for your school master scheduler software and these rules will be taken into account when you run the k12 master scheduler. Once you have all your inputs in place, use the Schedule drag & drop interface to double-check and build your schedule just how you like it. You will have granular control over what courses go where and have the option to automate this.

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Trouble getting to 100%? We got you!

Instant results

Orchestra streamlines the loading process, allowing users to load students and get results instantly with the master scheduler software’s active processing abilities. Here, you have an array of tools at your disposal that control the algorithm and the constraint tolerance. Change this one way or the other and you can see the effects instantly.

dynamic and refined
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Learn more about Sonimar Villegas at our testimonials section and their journey with Orchestra.
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Sign up and test drive our online master scheduler today. If you need more than just a k12 master scheduler, you can also contact us to design a custom package for your school.


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